Airwolf 3D F63107, Pla Premium Filament, 2.88Mm, Silver

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F63107, PLA Premium Filament, 2.88mm, Silver For PLA parts that print beautifully using virtually any 3D printer, choose our Premium PLA

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Arrives sealed in an airtight bag with moisture-absorber to keep out dust and moisture

Easier to use, thanks to reduced risk of warpage when compared to other filaments

Features Manufactured to very tight tolerances 0.05mm diameter using exceptional materials that provide greater consistency and even, stable prints

For best performance, use nozzle temperatures between 195-225 deg C

More environmentally friendly than other materials, PLA is biodegradeable, derived from plants, BPA-free, and contains no phthalates or heavy metals

Premium PLA also offers a superior finish when sanding or filing the part once it is finished

Storage and Maintenance Keep PLA in closed bag or container when not in use

Store unused filament in cool, dark place.

Unlike some PLA filaments, Airwolf 3D Premium PLA is a superior material if you need to cut or glue the part

Works on heated or unheated beds